Padang Bay again

It was still a hell of experience being underwater holding a camera and self-consciously put yourself being a photographer for other diver. You are new to the site, the trail, the scenery and so on though it’s a total safe place even for discover scuba diving. It’s like all in a sudden you’re becoming a wedding photographer who does not want to miss that moment when the bride says the oath, the expression of the girl’s father, reaction of the mom and so on but it happen in a place you can’t just run and jump and take the shoot.

You are aware that it’s a one-time moment that will not be repeated just for the sake of the pictures; therefore you are willing to give away your comfort just to get the best images. It’s a kind of awareness that the dive plan was just two dives for three people, tanks were prepared for that plan, there’s one spare tank but that shouldn’t be considered as sufficient.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo you’re swimming fast trying to catch as many frames as the battery permit. You tried to be in certain spot you think would be awesome foreground for the whole composition, tried to catch the hairy crab the guide pointed and then back to the buddy again, keep a distance to let the lens captures wider angle and pushed buttons in rush sensing the need of certain features to enhance the image quality but failed to do and on and on.

By the end of the day your buddy said “That were great pics!” and your smile widely opened, satisfied with that day’s work. Not bad.



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