Is Air Asia Web Check-In For You?

air asia web check in

Air Asia web check-in

You are traveler having just a medium daypack that would fit in to the airplane cabin and getting tired of that long queue at the check-in counter? Many people are like you including me sometimes (I fly sometimes, bus-ride for most of the time). As we are born to be effective traveler we knew that to enjoy the travel we must pack light, and therefore (since we don’t bring anything to drop at the baggage counter) long queue just for check-in isn’t for us.

Again,┬álong queue just for check-in isn’t for us.

Air Asia reads this so they invented Web Check-In a while ago. It’s new for me though, so I was really excited when this option is available when I checked my booking online.

Basically you can print the boarding pass right from home so when you reach the airport all you need to do are:

  • show the e-ticket print-out to get in
  • x-ray your bag
  • proceed to pay the airport tax (show them your printed check-in paper to the counter)
  • proceed to second x-ray gate
  • proceed to waiting room and relax!

See? No long queue. You get there, get scanned, proof that you are you and wait go get in to the plane. That half-to-one hour waiting in line is history.

The key is to travel light.

Your huge travel bag which has to go to baggage counter will slow you down at least later after flying. So yes, pack effectively and combine it with Air Asia web check-in to get the most of your journey.

Maybe I should write advert like this for life. lol.


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