All This

up to the palm trees

All this world makes you dull
Training your mind to degrade over time
Being no sparring partner around is like being God
Then rest assure the thing will swallow every sanity
And cleverness you once were famous of

All these things make you dull
A man from the back row shouted it to me
Nothing here does but to drag you underneath despair
Filling false memories and clinging fake hope
To the only space you have that hold life

All these things make you sharp
Only you said it among the crowd
From and old seat that many didn’t even notice
Wasn’t this what you are looking for? You remind me
Pureness of hearts living helplessly amid giants
Thousands of green sucklings drank their bloods
Leaving dried flesh behind while they pass by

Weren’t you the waterfall of hope?
Tear the spider nests off your eyes
Shake your feet to free up from mud
And once again raise the sword in your right hand
To oppose the tiny parasites ahead
Waterfall of live had leaped forward
To let you know that all these things
Only make you better fountain

~Sorong, 30 Sept 2016


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